Our Technology  
  Intra-oral camera

Since the camera size is small ( as a pen ) , the Patients will see their teeth enlarge 40 times on the Screen.
This will help diagnosis more accurate. The frameworks are recorded to compare The difference before and after treatment.

Panoramic x-ray

Panoramic x-ray machine provides full upper and lower set of teeth and jaw framework at the same time. This will provide good information for oral examination and treatment plan. Other specialized programs of this machine such as Cephalogram and Cross section Tomogram are used for braced and dental implant treatment.


Digital x-ray

With the use of digital x-ray radiation is reduced radiation exposure from 70% to 30% which is more safe for patient.


Laser tooth whitening

Lasers can be used to speed the effect of in-office peroxide bleaching agents.
The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) had granted to lasers for use in soft tissue surgery and bleaching precedures.

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Tooth cleaning with Air-flow

Much faster than conventional brushes, rubber cups, pastes and Polishing strips. And much more through
without being abrasive
. Plaque, soft deposits and discolorations disappear quickly and Painlessly. Fresh
lemon flavor during and after treatment. Teeth feel smooth when running tongue over them. Patient feel wonderful
about their teeth.

Before   After
Before   After
Tooth color matching

machine provides accurate shade determination For all kind of restorations. EASYSHADE allow dental
technicians and dentists to verify that a restoration shade is an acceptable match to the shade measured at the natural tooth.
No more off-color crown.
Dental implant For secured and predictable smile

Maximum comfort to the patients

NobelguideTM is a revolutionary treatment planning and surgical implementary system. NobelguideTM significantly enhanced predctability and sefty.

The CT scanning data would be transform to 3D jawbone on computer screen. Team of dentists then can analyze and planning implants size and position on true 3D environment.
This planning will transform into an accurate surgical template with Porcera® Software

We maximize patient ' s comfort by using the most technological advanced in implant dentistry, 3D computer-based planning and NobelGuide concept which is minimally invasive flapless surgery and delivery pre- fabricated crown at the same visit. This considerably reduces discomfort and dental visit.


- Fast, strong, accurate
- No longer waiting

- For 7 days

- Man-made lab. Work

  STEP 1. Examination, tooth preparation, optimal impression
  STEP 2. Computer Design
  STEP 3. Milling ceramic block
  STEP 4. Ceramic inlay / onlay / veneer / crown was ready to delivery
In-house laboratory

Our in-house laboratory is for designing new crowns, artificial teeth, And repairing. Enable our dentists to complete work faster and more efficiently. Customized staining is offered to match the new crowns with the adjacent teeth.
Our Sterilization System

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